In recent years the demand for sunflower oil has increased drastically. And why not? Sunflower oil is preferred throughout the world for its attractive color, light flavour, high smoke point and rich unsaturated fatty acids. With our sunflower oil processing plant, you can capitalise on this demand.



Peanut pretreatment pre-pressing machine is the first step to process peanut and get peanut oil. Peanut processing generally refers to the process of extracting oil from oil seeds. The whole peanut oil processing begins with oilseed cleaning, and ends with oil refining. The peanut pretreatment & pre-pressing machine includes cleaning section, crushing section, flaking section, softening section, cooking section and oil press section.
Process Flow Chart of Peanut oil Pretreatment & Pre-pressing Machine

Peanut Oil Pretreatment Process

 Main Equipment of Peanut Oil Pretreatment & Pre-pressing Plant

Peanut oil production machine——cleaning machine
Cleaning: Remove impurities such as leaves, sticks, stones, sand, dirt, spoiled seeds and metal contaminants. This process commonly referred to cleaning and scalping equipment including sieve, destoner, peeling machine, magnetic devices, and belt conveyor etc.The cleaning machine is good for peanut oil pretreatment and pre-pressing.

Dehulling: Most oilseeds need to remove the abrasive shells before oil extracting, since the oil content of shells and hulls is less than 1%. Besides, shelling can not only improve the capacity of oil extraction equipment, increase the efficiency of oil production, but also can reduce wear of oil expeller. Dehuller is commonly used in peanut oil pretreatment and pre-pressing process.

Crushing & Flaking: Most oilseeds require size reduction prior to oil extraction. Crusher and flaker are used in peanut oil pretreatment and pre-pressing plant. Some small seeds such as corn germ, rapeseed and canola don’t need to be cracked.

Peanut oil production machine —— cooking machine (steaming roasting)
Cooking: Heating the seed is an option, but not necessary. It can increases efficiency of extraction and protein availability.

Peanut oil extraction machine——roasting and prepressing machine

Pre-pressing: The oilseeds pre-pressing machine adopts domestic mature pre-pressing machine which specialized for peanut, there are two situations for the oil residue in cake after pre-pressing, one is less than 6% without further solvent extraction process, the other is about 10-18% with further solvent extraction method to get more oil, the final oil residue in peanut meal is less than 1%

Feature of Peanut Oil Pretreatment & Pre-pressing Machine

  1. Low energy consumption,
  2. Less occupied area
  3. High oil yield, low production cost