200T/D corn germ oil pre-treatment & pre-pressing  

Raw material–Feeding–magnetic selector–broken –frying–press–filter-crude oil                                                      ↓



Process Description

1.  200T/D corn germ oil pretreatment & prepressing

1.1  Technology process     

Raw material–Feeding–magnetic selector–broken –frying–press–filter-crude oil                                                      ↓


1.2 Main technical parameters and index

(1) Crude oil

  1. color, smell, taste:  normal
  2. Moisture and essential oil    ≤0.5%
  3. Impurities:                 ≤0.2%

     (2) Cake

  1. Cake thickness: 10-12mm
  2. Moisture:       4-6%
  3. Oil residue:     about 14%

1.3 Steam consumption(pressure 6Kgf/cm2) ≦ 250-280 Kg per ton material
1.4 Power consumption  ≦ 25KWH/per ton material

       Frying temperature: 105 ℃- 110  ℃

2.   150T/D corn germ oil extraction

2.1 Extraction process package system, evaporation system and drying system and condensate system.

2.2 technical and economic indexes

☉Extraction cake:  150T/D

☉Steam consumption(pressure 6Kgf/cm2):    ≦320kg/ ton raw material
☉Power consumption  :                       ≦ 18KWH/ton raw material

☉Solvent consumption                          ≦ 4.0kg/ ton raw material

☉Meal moisture                                10.5~13%

☉Meal oil residue                               ≦ 1%

☉Meal solvent residue                           ≦600PPM

☉Crude solvent residue                          ≦ 300PPM

☉Meal temperature                             more than 5~100℃

☉Water consumption                           ≦20kg/ ton raw material(cycle use)

3.  60T/D oil continuous refinery

3.1 Technology process

Crude oil →degumming →bleaching→dewaxing→deodorization→finished oil (First grade salad oil)

3.2 Economic and technical indexes:

(1) Finished oil quality

 ☉FFA content :crude oil ≤1.5%    press oil ≤0.5%

☉Moisture and impurity:≤0.2%

       (2) Production of technical indicators

☉Steam consumption:≤160kg/t

☉power consumption:≤16kwh/t

☉water consumption:≤125kg/t

☉carclazyte consumption:2.0%× oil weight

☉citric acid consumption:0.2%×oil weight

☉diesel consumption:0.2%×oil weight

☉refinery consumption:

degumming consumption:gel %×1.2

deacidification consumption:acid value×1.3%(chemical refining);acid value×0.8%(physical refining)

Bleaching consumption:carclazyte%×0.3

Dewaxing consumption:Oil ×0.1%

Deodorization consumption:oil ×0.5%